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What is Lakshmi?

"Lakshmi" comes from the Sanskrit word, "Lakshya" meaning objective or goal. So, "Lakshmi" means "the goal of life" which is to unite or merge with God.

Lakshmi is that aspect of God, which represents the sources of all wealth, fortune, power, beauty and prosperity in the universe. Wealth not only includes materials but also spiritual knowledge, nobler values of life, power of mind and intellect, moral, and ethical qualities of a human being. We all need these qualities (artha= wealth, kama=sensuous pleasure and dharma = adherence to rules that a human being is supposed to follow) to achieve Moksha (salvation) or freedom from the cycle of births and deaths.


As Lakshmi, God is worshipped in the female form representing Shakti or energy for the whole universe.

There are eight forms of Lakshmi (although the names vary), signifying eight aspects of wealth, called Ashta-Lakshmi. They are:

1. Aadilakshmi (all wealth - material and spiritual),
2. Dhaanyalakshmi (wealth of food grains),
3. Dhairyalakshmi (wealth of patience),
4. Gajalakshmi (wealth of animals),
5. Santanalakshmi (wealth of progeny),
6. Vijayalakshmi (wealth of victories and success),
7. Vidyalakshmi (wealth of knowledge),
8. Dhanalakshmi (wealth of gold and other materials),

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